Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update: Six Months Out

Considering that page views to this site have jumped in the past few days, it seems clear that there is renewed interest in the growing movement to recall DC City Council Chairman Kwame Brown. The reasons for this are clear: an overwhelming record of corruption, self-dealing and substantial mismanagement of finances, both his own and those of the city of Washington. We believe that the public good would be well-served by removing Kwame Brown from the City Council.

What may be less clear is the reasoning behind a lack of updates on this site for the past few months. Well, it's pretty simple: under DC law a recall petition cannot be filed until the subject of the petition has been in office for at least one year. When we realized this was the case, we decided to leave the site up with the few posts it had at the start of the year and bide our time; it seemed that efforts to recall Kwame Brown would be best focussed when momentum could lead to actual action. The rationale was that starting too soon would lead to dissafection, and that in turn would not produce the goal, which is the succesful recall of Kwame Brown.

That being said, we have realized that there is a good amount of interest in the subject, and that we should probably post a bit more often. Our goal is to continue to investigate and publish information on the continued corruption of Kwame Brown as well as the numerous inquiries being made into his campaign and background, and to serve as a rallying point for organization on the upcoming recall campaign that we hope to participate in.

It is our strong belief that the citizens of Washington have had enough of the embarrassing and destructive actions of their elected leaders. As citizens of Washington, we must act to send a message to the nation and to our future leaders that we will not stand for it anymore.

Thanks for reading, and we will look forward to your participation in what we think to be an important moment for the future of the city of Washington.

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