Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recall Kwame Brown

Hello, and welcome to the site that is dedicated to the recall of current DC Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown. Although there are many reasons to support the recall of Kwame Brown, the catalyst for this site was the recent coverage by the Washington Post and other news outlets of Mr. Brown's procurement of luxury SUV's for his own personal use. This was done knowingly by Mr. Brown at great and unnecessary expense to the tax-payers of Washington, DC, and in a capricious manner that the citizens of Washington have become far too accustomed to.

However, while we recognize that the act of obtaining these vehicles was wasteful in the extreme, and we believe that Mr. Brown should be recalled for this act alone, we also feel that this is a moment at which the citizens of Washington are confronted with a choice: simply put, we either allow this waste to stand as a continuation of what we have come to expect as citizens of Washington, or we take action to send a message to those in power that the days of cronyism, back-room dealing, self-interest, waste and fraud are no longer to be tolerated. In essence, it is the duty of citizens who care about the future of Washington to make their voices heard.

Recalling Mr. Brown is the best way to show our "leaders" that we will not tolerate such waste any longer. Recalling Mr. Brown shows the federal government that Washington is a city where the citizens can stand up and demand what is right from their elected representatives, that we are deserving of the recognition that statehood would grant us. Recalling Mr. Brown is the only way that we can show that we are serious about changing the entrenched culture of corruption in Washington. Recalling Mr. Brown is an imperative that we must embrace and fight for in order to reclaim Washington's rightful place as a truly world-class city.

Thank you again, for visiting our page. Please stay-tuned for more information as we continue to build our grass-roots movement to Recall Kwame Brown.

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    DC Recall Procedures:
    In 1979, District residents were granted the right to recall elected officials with the passage of the Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Procedures Act. Any elected officer of the District of Columbia government (except the Delegate to Congress for the District of Columbia) may be recalled by the registered electors from the election district from which he or she was elected, whenever a petition demanding his or her recall, signed by 10 percent of the registered voters is filed with the Board of Elections and Ethics.


    1. Recall Election - By law, a special election is scheduled within 114 days after the Board certifies the sufficiency of the recall petition. The purpose of the election is to determine whether to remove the elected official from office. If the number of citizens voting "FOR" the removal of the elected official is greater than the number voting "AGAINST", then the official is removed from office, and the office is filled as provided by law until a subsequent special election may be held to fill the remainder of the official's term.

    2. Special Election to Fill a Vacancy - A special election to fill the remainder of the recalled official's term is held the first Tuesday occurring 114 days after the Board certifies the results of the recall election. In the case of an ANC, the Board must declare the vacancy and follow the normal proceeding for filling ANC vacancies. The official recalled is not prohibited from being a candidate for the same office in the special election.